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Welcome to Keith Logue & Sons

Welcome to Keith Logue & Sons, an Australian family owned business which has been established in Coffs Harbour since 1967. The Logue family have a history of offering quality and caring service to families now spanning four generations.
On life’s journey everyone will experience the loss of a loved one at some time. The grief and uncertainty that follows may cause making funeral arrangements confusing and stressful.
Our family and trained consultants will answer any questions you may have and gently guide you through the funeral arrangements with sensitivity, warmth and understanding to create a final unique and loving tribute.


“Thank you. My heart is bursting with gratitude for all you have done.

I hesitate to call you a company because you became my nurturing family. Ian was wonderful and like a brother who helped and guided me through every step of the process. From my first phone calls to going to your offices every person I met was very special and compassionate.

The warmth patience and understanding you gave me made me feel I was part of your family.

I will never forget & be forever grateful.”


I arrived at the offices of Keith Logue & Sons extremely nervous and not knowing what to expect as it was the first time

 I had ever had to deal with planning a funeral.  We were greeted with a lovely warm and welcoming smile and offered a cup of tea.I want to say thank you for putting me at ease in what was a difficult time for me.  Even though my mother is still alive it is not pleasant having to plan her funeral. Your professionalism, kindness and courtesy are second to none.  If this is an example of the way Keith Logue and Sons treat people not in their time of sorrow, well all I can say is I am so glad I went to you,as it was such a pleasure to be treated with courtesy and professionalism even though I was planning for the future.


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