Sematas A (tba) front resized for tribute

Algy Richard Sematas

Loving husband of Margaret. Father of Justin, Andrew and Ben. Father-in-law of Julie and Emily. Grandfather of Ty, Zoe, Hayley, baby Jessica (dec’d) and Lucy.

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Thump the table and stir them up in heaven, Algy, just as you did down here at half-time!!
A lovely guy with a profound love of life. Not a bad footballer either!!
Sincere condolences and every best wish to Margaret and the family.

James Davidson

Farewell Algy

We all know that our time is finite , but for you Algy , it has just come at least a decade too soon and your departure leaves the world a much quieter , less vigorous less happy place.
Those three personal aspects are what characterised the Algy that I have known since 1960.
Back in the sixties , when you were reaching your late teens and beyond , there are many descriptives that come to mind — an unquenchable appetite for action and laughter ( you were always the student in class who continued to whisper after the teacher had called for “ silence” ….the athlete who believed he could get to the line first …the footballer who did get the ball first and who could rarely be caught…the blond haired , blue eyed , high spirited , always wise cracking, party boy who virtually “ lit up” any room he entered ,the mate who attracted company and the young man who seemed to be blessed of more energy and drive than the average young man).

Of course time , careers , marriage, family responsibilities and the range of variable challenges that each aspect raises , do all in turn have variable impacts and cause alterations in direction , relationships and priorities. Life’s challenges are inescapable, as are the changes that we individually make , in order to adapt.

Catching up again for your 70th birthday party however , there you were, the same essential unique qualities still well and truly out there for all to see….the energy, the social skills that always made you popular, the ready smile, the jokes that you cracked and invariably laughed loudest at , the close and supportive family and friends at your elbow, in particular your loving and thoughtful spouse Marg …and even at 70 you still looked fit enough to do a short sprint goal wards , ball in hand , and have a ‘ping’ at goal.

Sadly health issues emerged and after a sterling battle, a life replete with action has come to an end.

From an old mate Alg …farewell . You are gone but the memories will survive.

To Marg I offer both my condolences and a distant acknowledgement on the wonderful effort of spousal support that you have put in during the last handful of years while Algy was in care . To Andrew , Justin and Ben and the rest of Algy’s family I know that you will recall his smiling face forever .

Lester Oldham