Writing a Eulogy

A eulogy is usually presented at a funeral or memorial service. The eulogy is an introduction to aspects of the deceased’s life that some people in attendance may not have been aware of. It may also allow them to reminisce. Primarily it is a farewell and a loving respectful tribute to a life.

Draw on your relationship with your loved one, and speak to other family members and close friends who can give you information.

A eulogy may contain:

  • A condensed life history of the person who has died
  • Details of their family, friends, work/career, interests and achievements
  • Favourite memories and what you will miss the most
  • Favourite poems, songs, quotes or religious writings
  • A funeral is a time to both grieve and celebrate the departed. A mix of solemnity and humour will help those in attendance conjure a vivid image of the departed in their minds and remember all that they brought to their lives.
  • Be heedful of the length of your eulogy. If you work on 650 words you will likely speak for five minutes if you speak at an average speed.
  • The most touching and meaningful eulogies are not necessarily perfectly structured, but are written from the heart. Whatever you write and deliver will be appreciated by the people in attendance.